The Anti way

I’ve just downloaded & installed AntiX M8 -test 1, which worked like charmed on my Compaq laptop.

Gnome & Kde are become more & more floated now, do you really need a full Desktop Environment(DE) ? AntiX doesn’t give you any DE, it comes with two Window Manager (WM): FluxBox & IceWM. I prefer Fluxbox (but IceWM maybe be easier). It provides a rich-featured desktop but requires the minimum hardware. Yes, it can run on almost every boxes, so that don’t throw your old compuper away! My laptop is not old, but I love the super-high-speed and Antix seems to be suitable me. A very stable system with lighting speed is AntiX’s target.

AntiX, developed by anticapitalista, is a branch of Mepis(developed by Warren), a debian-based distro (thank God).


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Note: For Vietnamese users, you can use Hanoilug Debian “Lenny” mirror.

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