The Anti way

I’ve just downloaded & installed AntiX M8 -test 1, which worked like charmed on my Compaq laptop.

Gnome & Kde are become more & more floated now, do you really need a full Desktop Environment(DE) ? AntiX doesn’t give you any DE, it comes with two Window Manager (WM): FluxBox & IceWM. I prefer Fluxbox (but IceWM maybe be easier). It provides a rich-featured desktop but requires the minimum hardware. Yes, it can run on almost every boxes, so that don’t throw your old compuper away! My laptop is not old, but I love the super-high-speed and Antix seems to be suitable me. A very stable system with lighting speed is AntiX’s target.

AntiX, developed by anticapitalista, is a branch of Mepis(developed by Warren), a debian-based distro (thank God).


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Note: For Vietnamese users, you can use Hanoilug Debian “Lenny” mirror.

Some Kubuntu 8.10 with Kde4 screenshots

Bravo Kde, bravo Qt 😀

My desktop

Is that really cool ?

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OxygenOffice Professional

Bạn cảm thấy OpenOffice thiếu thốn các hình ảnh, clipart, theme presentation, hiệu ứng còn nghèo nàn?
Hãy thử OxygenOffice Professional, 1 bộ OpenOffice với nhiều cải tiến và chuyên nghiệp hơn.

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Rau Ubuntu

Thêm 1 lựa chọn mới trong khẩu phần ăn kiêng: 😀

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xvnkb và Hardy

Bộ gõ tiếng việt dường như là 1 đề tài muôn thuở, phiên bản Ubuntu 8.04 mới xvnkb lại gặp trục trặc. Sau 30 phút mày mò, cuối cùng mình cũng làm xvnkb hoạt động được. cách thực hiện rất đơn giản Đọc tiếp »

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Which File Extension Are You?

This is a funny test. Find out your file extension at:

And I am:

Hey, maybe it’s right. 😀 Now, go to check your extension and share it . 😀